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Stradivarius vs. Del Gesu

Although I build my instruments based from many different makers, I focus most of my attention making Stradivarius and Guarneri Del Gesu violins. They end up sounding quite different once they are completed but both have a great sound to them! The Stradivarius violins end up with a very bright, direct sound. While the Del Gesu has a warmer, mellow tone. Here are two violins that I am currently building, one Stradivarius, the other Guarneri Del Gesu… Can you tell which is which!?!


Stradivarius vs. Guarneri 1Del Gesu Violin 15Stradivarius vs. Guarneri

Guarneri Del Gesu F-holes

Guarneri Del Gesu f-holes! I love carving Del Gesu f-holes, although they are a different change of pace compared to carving Stradivarius f-holes, it is always nice to switch it up as a maker! In this post you will see the many stages it takes in order to accomplish a well-placed f-hole. Follow this custom build as I hand make a violin from start to finish. This violin is being built for a college student who is looking to upgrade his current violin. He is looking for more volume and personality in his violin… I am happy with his decision to play a Guarneri Del Gesu violin!


Del Gesu Violin 10Del Gesu Violin 11Del Gesu Violin 12Del Gesu Violin 13Del Gesu Violin 14Del Gesu Violin 15



Price- Violin Build Intro

I started making another violin this month. It is a commissioned build for one of my clients who purchased a viola from me a few years ago. I love building violins with a particular person in mind. It allows me to build the instrument with their personal style of playing in mind. In this instance we are building a Del Gesu violin, he currently plays on a 200 year old violin that has a dark, mellow sound to it. We decided to stick with a Del Gesu style over Stradivarius because it will have a darker, warmer tone compared to the Stradivarius violin, which would produce a brighter, more direct sound to it.


Follow me as I build this violin for my client! A violin build from start to finish!


Del Gesu Violin 1Del Gesu ViolinDel Gesu Violin 3Del Gesu Violin 4Del Gesu Violin 5