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Stradivari Cello

My latest custom cello build is a commissioned cello for a young player. We are building a Stradivarius cello, providing him with a powerful, even tone to carry him throughout his music career. Stradivarius cellos are a great build, they are not only beautiful but have a fantastic range of power for a brand new cello. As always all of my McDevitt made instruments are handmade with the finest selection of materials.


Featured in the selection of photos are the ribs being bent and glued. And the back selection of maple and rough cut out, ready for the arching to be started!


Stradivari Cello 8Stradivari Cello 2Stradivari Cello 3Stradivari Cello 7Stradivari Cello 6Stradivari Cello 5