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Todd Goldenberg Violin

My latest addition to my collection of violins is a modern violin by Todd Goldenberg, made in 2003. Todd began his career as a guitar maker where he studied with maker Rob Ehlers. He moved to Chicago were he intended to expand his training in the guitar world but he was hired by the Bein And Fushi firm and he has been making violins ever since. He later moved to Michigan where he worked for nine years at Shar Music, working closely with David Burgess before opening his own workshop.


Todd makes fine violin, violas and cellos in his workshop in North Berwick, Maine. In 2006 Todd earned a silver medal for cello tone in the V.S.A. Competition. Todd taught at the North Bennet Street School. This is a fine example of Todd Goldenberg’s work. This violin is available for trial at $12,500.


Todd Goldenberg Violin 3Todd Goldenberg Violin 1Todd Goldenberg Violin 2