Gabriel David Buchstetter

Buchstetter worked out of Stadtamhof, Regensberg Germany circa. 1730-1780. He was the son of Christoff Buchstetter, a well-regarded maker. Buchstetter mostly delivered Stradivari models and was a fine craftsman. His varnish was often opaque and thin, a very common use for the place and time. Buchstetter generally speaking always used a fine selection of materials. His Stradivari f-holes were well carved with subtle fluting at the lower wings. The scrolls were known to be very distinctive with a long neck and deep/open throat.


This particular Buchstetter is a copy. It is a small viola measuring 15 3/8”. It has a violoncello style scroll with a named carved into the back near the button.


Gabriel David Buchstetter 2Gabriel David Buchstetter 3Gabriel David Buchstetter 1Gabriel David Buchstetter 4Gabriel David Buchstetter 5Gabriel David Buchstetter 6

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