Stradivari Cello Continued

The Stradivari cello is now at it’s new home in Virginia. I am very happy with how this cello turned out. It has a great golden orange varnish and we decided to do a “new” finish on the instrument. I enjoy making Stradivari cellos because the more the musician digs into the instrument the more the cello will project. I have found that Stradivari cello models do very well in concert halls. You want to see the sound carry all the way to the back of the concert hall and Stradivari models tend to do the trick. Below are a few photos of the cello building progress! If anyone is interested in a handmade cello I would be more then happy to put you in contact with my last two cello commission builds so they can share their experience working with me.


Stradivari Cello 8Stradivari Cello 7Stradivari Cello 4Stradivari Cello 6Stradivari Cello 1Stradivari Cello 3Stradivari Cello 5Stradivari Cello 2



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