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K. Lothar Meisel Viola

A viola by K. Lothar Meisel, made in 1957 in Owatonna. This viola is in near mint condition and is listed as viola #5. K. Lothar Meisel was emplored by the Scherl and Roth Company but is best known for his work that came out of his personal workshop in Owatonna, Minnesota. This viola measures 16” and was purchased in the 70’s from K. Lothar Meisel himself. It features a Meisel bridge and is in fine playing condition, the varnish is a rich red-orange. K. Lothar Meisel made over 200 instruments and was awarded certificates for his work by the Violin Making Society of America in 1978, 1980 and 1982. This viola is priced at $12,500.

DeLong Del Gesu Violin

A congratulations is in order to the DeLong Family on the purchase of their McDevitt made violin! Sophia has a bright future ahead of her in the violin world. I am looking forward to watching Sophia and her violin “Milene” grow together. This is a Guarneri Del Gesu violin and works perfectly with her playing style. My last violin of 2018, I am fortune enough that it will be being played locally by such a talented musician. My work is only half complete until the instruments I build find a good home where they will be played and enjoyed to the fullest!

Why Rent from Fegleys?

We offer a superior quality of rental instruments with proper setup standards by our luthier. Whether you are new to stringed instruments and are just starting out or are looking for an upgrade rental for orchestra, we provide the following two levels of rental programs: Standard or Elite.

There are many benefits to working with Fegley’s for your instrument rental:

– Fegley’s is a local, owner-operated small business which puts you in direct contact with the owner and luthier, Joseph McDevitt, who will also be the person maintaining your instrument.

– Fegley’s works solely on string instruments and bows, loyally serving the string community for over 40+ years, offering a wide selection of instruments for all levels of musicians and budgets.

– Joseph is a certified Violin Maker and Restorer with significant experience and industry knowledge. He has been custom building and restoring instruments for over 12 years.

Rental Program

We offer a wide variety of rental instruments and bows. Whether you are new to the string instrument or in need of an upgrade for your Schools Orchestra we have all of your rental needs. We have a small, quality rental fleet that is set up and maintained by our in house Luthier. Joseph was trained at the North Bennet Street School in Boston makes and restores instruments and bows.

Our rentals start at the smallest size and up to full-size instruments. With a zero hassle trade up policy you can upgrade your size at any time. Make an appointment today to start your rental trial!

17″ McDevitt Amati Viola

It is only fitting that I build my largest viola now since I recently finished my smallest viola build. This viola measures 17” and is based off of the massive 18” Brothers Amati viola from 1592. High arching and a tall rib structure should make for an interesting large sounding viola. I had to scale the original viola down over an inch to meet my 17” viola requirement for this build. Stay tuned to see the finished product! This McDevitt viola will be off to its new home in Florida shortly to be played in the Sarasota Orchestra.

Herman Viola Purfling

This is my latest commissioned viola build. There are many steps that take place before I am able to fit my purfling into the top plate. Purfling is the decorative inlay around the edges of the instrument. It is a 3-piece veneer that is handmade, a white inside with two thinner, darker pieces on the outside sandwiched together. Depending on the style we are modeling the instrument after some purfling blacks are lighter then others. Also the thickness varies quite a bit depending on the maker. There are many different wood selections in making purfling. Commonly used materials include; poplar, maple, ebony, and more.

Attached are pictures of the purfling process, the scribing and carving of the channel. The channel with the material removed. Then the bending and fitting of the purfling.

Cracovia Workshop Violas

We have a wide selection of violas for trial at Fegley Instruments and Bows. The latest feature is the Cracovia Workshop violas. These are great instruments for a reasonable rate. This Cracovia workshop viola is available at a discounted rate of $2,500. They are made in a modern workshop in Poland. This particular viola feature is a 17” and was built in 2004, it is difficult to find nice bigger violas lately and I am happy to have a few of these Cracovia Workshop instruments available for trial. Schedule an appointment today to try our selection of violas under $3,000. Call the shop today!

We have a few selections of the Cracovia Workshop violas in different sizes; this particular Cracovia Workshop viola is a 16” and was made in 2003.

Paul Lorange Violin 1934

This is a full sized Paul Lorange violin made in Marseille in 1934. It shows fine workmanship and is made on a classical model. It bears his red varnish, which varies in shades from model to model and is typical of the maker. He worked in Marseilles with Diter and continued his craft on his on there from 1933 on. He was the son of Paul Lorange. It has a very clear, strong sound making it great for players. It has a great one piece back.


Calin Wultur #6 Cello

4/4 Calin Wultur Motagnana Cello
Serial Number 108942
Model # 294A
Made in Reghin, Romania in 2013

The Calin Wultur workshop was established over 20 years ago and they now have a team of over 35 violin craftsmen who collaborate to make classical instruments for the average player. All materials are of Romanian-Carpathian origin, carefully selected by the staff of the Cailin Wultur workshop. This Calin Wultur cello is a Montagnana model, shorter then a typical Stradivari model cello and slightly broader it makes it very easy to play. Similar Calin Wultur cellos sell for over $6,000.

McDevitt Viola “Yose”

This is a McDevitt made viola that I hand built in 2017. This particular viola is the smallest that I have every made and is my own personal modified Guadagnini model. I have been gearing towards making more “new” looking instruments. As we find our way as makers you learn to develop your own style and personality that shows through in your work. I had a lot of fun making this instrument and it recently found a home with a musician from NYC. Attached are a few photos of the viola being made, I will definitely use this mold again in the near future to build another small McDevitt viola.

Guadagnini Viola 2Guadagnini Viola 1Guadagnini Viola 3Guadagnini Viola 4

Guadagnini Viola 5