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Stradivari Cello Continued

The Stradivari cello is now at it’s new home in Virginia. I am very happy with how this cello turned out. It has a great golden orange varnish and we decided to do a “new” finish on the instrument. I enjoy making Stradivari cellos because the more the musician digs into the instrument the more the cello will project. I have found that Stradivari cello models do very well in concert halls. You want to see the sound carry all the way to the back of the concert hall and Stradivari models tend to do the trick. Below are a few photos of the cello building progress! If anyone is interested in a handmade cello I would be more then happy to put you in contact with my last two cello commission builds so they can share their experience working with me.


Stradivari Cello 8Stradivari Cello 7Stradivari Cello 4Stradivari Cello 6Stradivari Cello 1Stradivari Cello 3Stradivari Cello 5Stradivari Cello 2



Todd Goldenberg Violin

My latest addition to my collection of violins is a modern violin by Todd Goldenberg, made in 2003. Todd began his career as a guitar maker where he studied with maker Rob Ehlers. He moved to Chicago were he intended to expand his training in the guitar world but he was hired by the Bein And Fushi firm and he has been making violins ever since. He later moved to Michigan where he worked for nine years at Shar Music, working closely with David Burgess before opening his own workshop.


Todd makes fine violin, violas and cellos in his workshop in North Berwick, Maine. In 2006 Todd earned a silver medal for cello tone in the V.S.A. Competition. Todd taught at the North Bennet Street School. This is a fine example of Todd Goldenberg’s work. This violin is available for trial at $12,500.


Todd Goldenberg Violin 3Todd Goldenberg Violin 1Todd Goldenberg Violin 2

Cellos For Sale

This has been the month of the cello! I had the opportunity to add a few more to the Fegley Collection this week. Quality cellos for sale under $5,000 are getting hard to find these days. With all of the inexpensive imports coming in I am happy that I can still purchase most of my inventory privately through players or retired players. I added two German cellos to my inventory this week. These cellos are in fine condition and are now available for trial! I also have an older American made cello by Joseph Kaye, a maker originally from Reading and made his way out to Pittsburgh where most of his instruments were a high quality and played in the local Symphony. If you are looking for quality cellos for sale that won’t break the bank Fegley’s is the place to come…

Cellos for sale 2

Guadagnini Viola Build

G.B. Guadagnini is regarded as the greatest violin maker of the second half of the 18th Century; his original style produced some of the best instruments in history. A great reason to copy the famous violin maker! Little is known about the training of Guadagnini. There are insufficient amounts of information to connect the dots with but we will leave his training for a later discussion… Guadagnini wasn’t like most makers who practice their craft in the same location for their careers. G.B. Guadagnini started making instruments in Piacenza, before moving to Milan in 1749 following the great cellist Carlo Ferrari. He learned much from Ferrari while adjusting his cellos molds. Guadagnini next followed Ferrari to Parma where he continued his craft for 12 more years. Finally, Guadagnini moved to Turin in 1771 where he met the famous violin collector Count Cozio. Cozio later became his patron, and was responsible for the commission of some of Guadagnini’s finest works. The Count acquired the remaining articles from the Stradivari workshop from the maker’s grandson Paolo around 1774. Which rewarded Guadagnini with the opportunity to acquaint himself with the great master’s work first hand. After this opportunity Guadagnini adopted Stradivari’s models more frequently and his labels reflect that period. I love copying Guadagnini’s work, his wood selection is unparalleled and his varnish is a brilliant red.

Guadagnini Viola 1Guadagnini Viola 2Guadagnini Viola 3Guadagnini Viola 4Guadagnini Viola 5Guadagnini Viola 6Guadagnini Viola 7Guadagnini Viola 8Guadagnini Viola 9Guadagnini Viola 10

Petko Stoinov- SOLD

A fine modern violin by Petko Zlatev Stoinov, this violin was made in 2002. Stoinov started his work as a luthier in 1993 in the town of Kazaniak, Bulgaria. He is a member of The Violin Society of America and makes fine musical stringed instruments. He started as a woodworker in a yacht studio before he fell in love with violin making collaborating with Paolo Vitorio, later working with other Italian and American Luthiers.


This Petko Stoinov is a fine example of the makers work. Although it was made in 2002 it is in mint condition and was well cared for by the original owner. Made with a high-grade wood materials provided by the mountain ranges of Bulgaria, leaving his instruments with excellent acoustic qualities. The back is fine two-piece maple with the flames slanting slightly downwards towards the edges of the instrument. The ribs and scroll match the back piece of maple making this Stoinov violin pleasing to the eye to match its excellent tonal qualities. This Petko Stoinov violin was SOLD.


petko stoinov violin 1petko stoinov violin 2petko stoinov violin 3Petko Stoinov Violin 4

Steinway & Sons Model S

Another year flies by and now we find that it is already 2016. I admit that while I love the holiday seasons I always look forward to getting back to “normal life”. Starting new adventures and getting back to work (where I belong). This is going to be another exciting year at Fegleys and we will be adding a Piano Tuning and Rebuilding page to the website.

It is only natural to start with the best of the best in the piano world, a Steinway & Sons “baby” grand piano. This particular Steinway piano is a 1951 Steinway & Sons Model S. It measures 5’ 1” long and has resided with just one owner, sitting in the corner of her living room for over 50 years before she passed away in 2006… This Steinway “baby” grand piano was played on daily and was well maintained and cared for before it fell into the hands of a certified piano tuner. That certified piano tuner happens to be my older brother Jason D. McDevitt, who also graduated from the North Bennet Street School.

This Steinway Model S was in amazing condition before he took ownership, but he took it one step further and decided to give the “baby” grand piano a complete rebuild. He rebuilt the plate, refinished the soundboard, and installed all new strings along with new damper felt, making this piano a joy to play! But that wasn’t enough; he took it one step further and polished the outside case of the piano. Taking a dull/cloudy finish and returning it to the original highly polished finish that Steinway & Sons pianos are known for.

This Steinway “baby” grand piano would not only look great in a church, concert hall or another living room where space is a premium but would fill the room with a rich, powerful sound of a much larger piano. The asking price for this rebuilt one-owner 1951 Steinway & Sons Model S “baby” grand piano is $18,999 and is available to play by appointment.


Steinway Model S 1Steinway Model S  2Steinway Model S 3

N. Audinot Violin

A fine violin by Nestor Dominique Audinot in 1898, also referred to as N. Audinot. Audinot was the son of Leopold Audinot and apprenticed with him in Mirecourt. Audinot also worked with Sebastian Vuillaume in Paris. N. Audinot’s are made with remarkable maple and are well built instruments. This particular violin comes with paper work from well-known Philadelphia shop Frederick W. Oster Fine Violins. This Audinot is in fine condition and has a great tone!

Audinot violin 1Audinot violin 2Audinot violin 3

Stradivarius vs. Del Gesu

Although I build my instruments based from many different makers, I focus most of my attention making Stradivarius and Guarneri Del Gesu violins. They end up sounding quite different once they are completed but both have a great sound to them! The Stradivarius violins end up with a very bright, direct sound. While the Del Gesu has a warmer, mellow tone. Here are two violins that I am currently building, one Stradivarius, the other Guarneri Del Gesu… Can you tell which is which!?!


Stradivarius vs. Guarneri 1Del Gesu Violin 15Stradivarius vs. Guarneri

Guarneri Del Gesu F-holes

Guarneri Del Gesu f-holes! I love carving Del Gesu f-holes, although they are a different change of pace compared to carving Stradivarius f-holes, it is always nice to switch it up as a maker! In this post you will see the many stages it takes in order to accomplish a well-placed f-hole. Follow this custom build as I hand make a violin from start to finish. This violin is being built for a college student who is looking to upgrade his current violin. He is looking for more volume and personality in his violin… I am happy with his decision to play a Guarneri Del Gesu violin!


Del Gesu Violin 10Del Gesu Violin 11Del Gesu Violin 12Del Gesu Violin 13Del Gesu Violin 14Del Gesu Violin 15



Price- Violin Build Intro

I started making another violin this month. It is a commissioned build for one of my clients who purchased a viola from me a few years ago. I love building violins with a particular person in mind. It allows me to build the instrument with their personal style of playing in mind. In this instance we are building a Del Gesu violin, he currently plays on a 200 year old violin that has a dark, mellow sound to it. We decided to stick with a Del Gesu style over Stradivarius because it will have a darker, warmer tone compared to the Stradivarius violin, which would produce a brighter, more direct sound to it.


Follow me as I build this violin for my client! A violin build from start to finish!


Del Gesu Violin 1Del Gesu ViolinDel Gesu Violin 3Del Gesu Violin 4Del Gesu Violin 5