Guarneri del Gesu Violin


In 2012 I built a violin named ‘Rockefeller’, it is a Giuseppe Guarneri model. Guarneri is also known as del Gesu. Del Gesu instruments often have a very unique sound having a darker and more robust tone. Most of the remaining Guarneri del Gesu instruments are violins while some cellos are in existence.

‘Rockefeller’ was my first Guarneri violin model that I built. At the North Bennet Street School we mostly focused on Stradivarius models when it came to violins. Stradivarius instruments tend to have a very clean and precise look about them. They also have a very bright, in your face type of sound quality to them, making them ideal for a soloist. I was happy to have this 2012 violin in for a check up for a new bridge and sound post!


del Gesu violin 1del Gesu violin 2del Gesu violin 3del Gesu violin 5

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