Old Violin Restoration

Here is a small violin restoration that I did for one of my clients a few months back. His father played this violin for him when he was just a young boy. He held on to this old violin for many years in unplayable condition to remind him of his father. He never thought that it was possible to have it restored due to the poor condition that it was in when he first brought it into the shop to have me look it over.


I was able to share the good news that I would be able to restore the instrument back to playable condition without too much difficulty. Now I’m not saying that this was an easy violin repair by any means, but definitely a restoration that could be done! After a few long months of some tedious gluing, cleating cracks, new upper and lower blocks, new pegs, new fingerboard, etc. This violin was ready for some final set up work to make it sing once again after all of these years. I am happy to say that my client now gets to enjoy his father’s old violin and he plays the instrument on the regular!


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