Luthier Services - String Instrument Making


Joe was traditionally trained to make instruments just as the old masters were taught over 4 centuries ago. He hand-makes violins, violas and cellos of all different makes and sizes. Whether it is a brand new instrument or a 400-year-old copy, Joe works very closely with
clients to provide a unique partnership set to last a lifetime.

Violin & String Instrument Restoration


Whether it is a minor repair needed in a timely manner or a family heirloom in unthinkable condition, we work to put your instrument back in playing condition. Proper repairs and restorations are vital to the survival of your fine instrument or bow.

String Instrument Set-up


Fegley’s careful set-up allows the instruments that pass through the shop to perform at their best tonal quality. Our standards of fitting sound posts and bridges allow our customers’ instruments to respond at their top playing capability.

String Instrument Sales, Rentals and Payment Plans

String Instrument Sales / Payment Plans

At Fegley’s, we understand the importance of finding the right instrument or bow that’s right for you. Therefore, we strive to rent superior quality instruments at an affordable monthly rate and will work with you to find a payment plan that meets your budget.

Fine Instruments & Bows

Our collection of fine instruments and bows is constantly changing. Whether you are a well-practiced student or an educated professional, we take pride in finding the perfect instrument or bow that is right for you.

Here are a few examples of our Fegley Instruments and Bows. Contact us today to try a piece from our fine collection.

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