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7/8 Cello Progress

Cello progress! Finally! I never get to build instruments as much as my heart desires but I do love taking the time to bring old instruments back to life so someone can enjoy playing them again. So I guess the trade off isn’t so bad…

But back to the progress on the cello, I am working on the final graduations before gluing the back onto the rib structure and fit a bass bar. The scroll is just about finished except for some light scraping. I am anxious to see how this petite, little cello ends up sounding!

It is in the final weeks of the instrument build process that you see the instrument really come together. So the next steps are to glue the back onto the ribs, fit the bass bar and shape it, then glue the top on to complete the sound box!

Then I will carve a fingerboard and set the neck before the cello spends a few weeks sun tanning before I can start the varnish process!

Check back for a finished product in a few more weeks.

7/8 Cello Progress 7/8 Cello Progress 7/8 Cello Progress 7/8 Cello Progress

Small Violin Repair

Small repairs can be as tedious as large restorations. The trouble is finding the perfect piece of wood to match the original 100-year-old violin top.

Luckily when I removed the top to start the repair I found the old bass bar was carved into the top rather then fit to the top the proper way. This allowed me to split the old bass bar out, and use the piece of spruce that was original to the top! A perfect match, so the hard part is done, right? Next I was able to fit the spruce onto the edge at the broken corner leaving plenty of extra so I could match the corner to the outline of the instrument.

I will spend the next few weeks varnishing the corner to match the original varnish. Then I can fit a new bass bar before closing the top and doing the final set up.

This instrument should sound great with a well fit bass bar and proper set up!

It will also look pretty having all of its corners back!

Small Violin Repair Small Violin Repair Small Violin Repair