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Gabriel David Buchstetter

Buchstetter worked out of Stadtamhof, Regensberg Germany circa. 1730-1780. He was the son of Christoff Buchstetter, a well-regarded maker. Buchstetter mostly delivered Stradivari models and was a fine craftsman.

His varnish was often opaque and thin, a very common use for the place and time. Buchstetter generally speaking always used a fine selection of materials. His Stradivari f-holes were well carved with subtle fluting at the lower wings.

The scrolls were known to be very distinctive with a long neck and deep/open throat.

This particular Buchstetter is a copy. It is a small viola measuring 15 3/8”. It has a violoncello style scroll with a named carved into the back near the button.


Gabriel David Buchstetter Gabriel David Buchstetter Gabriel David Buchstetter

Gabriel David Buchstetter Gabriel David Buchstetter Gabriel David Buchstetter

Cellos For Sale

This has been the month of the cello! I had the opportunity to add a few more to the Fegley Collection this week. Quality cellos for sale under $5,000 are getting hard to find these days. With all of the inexpensive imports coming in I am happy that I can still purchase most of my inventory privately through players or retired players.

I added two German cellos to my inventory this week.

These cellos are in fine condition and are now available for trial! I also have an older American made cello by Joseph Kaye, a maker originally from Reading and made his way out to Pittsburgh where most of his instruments were a high quality and played in the local Symphony.

If you are looking for quality cellos for sale that won’t break the bank Fegley’s is the place to come…

Cellos For Sale