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Cracovia Workshop Violas

We have a wide selection of violas for trial at Fegley Instruments and Bows. The latest feature is the Cracovia Workshop violas. These are great instruments for a reasonable rate. This Cracovia workshop viola is available at a discounted rate of $2,500. They are made in a modern workshop in Poland. This particular viola feature is a 17” and was built in 2004, it is difficult to find nice bigger violas lately and I am happy to have a few of these Cracovia Workshop instruments available for trial. Schedule an appointment today to try our selection of violas under $3,000. Call the shop today!

We have a few selections of the Cracovia Workshop violas in different sizes; this particular Cracovia Workshop viola is a 16” and was made in 2003.

Paul Lorange Violin 1934

This is a full sized Paul Lorange violin made in Marseille in 1934. It shows fine workmanship and is made on a classical model. It bears his red varnish, which varies in shades from model to model and is typical of the maker. He worked in Marseilles with Diter and continued his craft on his on there from 1933 on. He was the son of Paul Lorange. It has a very clear, strong sound making it great for players. It has a great one piece back.


Calin Wultur #6 Cello

4/4 Calin Wultur Motagnana Cello
Serial Number 108942
Model # 294A
Made in Reghin, Romania in 2013

The Calin Wultur workshop was established over 20 years ago and they now have a team of over 35 violin craftsmen who collaborate to make classical instruments for the average player. All materials are of Romanian-Carpathian origin, carefully selected by the staff of the Cailin Wultur workshop. This Calin Wultur cello is a Montagnana model, shorter then a typical Stradivari model cello and slightly broader it makes it very easy to play. Similar Calin Wultur cellos sell for over $6,000.