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Music Store Near Me

When people hear handmade violin they often think expensive. While some handmade instruments can be expensive there are many great options out there for the modern string player. At Fegley Instruments & Bows we acquire most of our inventory through a private sale. Meaning we buy instruments and bows from players for players. Violin bows can range in price too, we try to keep a quality selection of violin bows for every level of players. When searching for a music store near you there are many things to consider and violin players should take many things into account. We believe that word of mouth is our best form of advertising. Simply ask a violin player who has made the trip to Fegley Instruments & Bows and get the most honest feedback! We offer a wide selection of violins and bows. Whether you are looking for a violin rental or to purchase a new violin or bow. Give us a call to make an appointment and check out our constantly changing inventory. Here is a handmade violin by Joseph McDevitt.


Andrzej Swietlinski Violin

Andrzej Swietlinski was born into the violin-making town of Nowy Targ, Poland. Andrzej apprenticed with master violinmaker Jan Bobak. He later started a workshop with notable violinmakers Andrzej Glodek and Jan Szlachtowski. Swietlinki focuses his making on violins and violas. His instruments are perfect for the advancing student who needs more focus and projection in their sound. Andrzej Swietlinski is a fine luthier and makes with only the finest material. His Euro Workshop Instruments make for a great addition to our inventory to provide players with a quality instrument at a reasonable price point. Contact us today to take on of his instruments for a test trial!


Adult and Student Violin Rentals

Picking the right instrument and bow rental program is crucial. When it comes to String instrument rentals a poorly set up instrument can make playing very difficult if not almost impossible. Every rental instrument at Fegley Instruments & Bows is carefully set up and properly fit to each individual player. We rent superior quality violins, violas, cellos and bows. We offer a wide variety of rental instruments from beginner to advanced players who are looking for an upgrade instrument from the standard violin school rental programs.

We also offer a Professional level rental program, which is selected out of our instruments and bows that are currently available for purchase. Quality violin rentals can often be hard to come by; we strive to provide the player with a superior instrument rental that can compete with often more expensive instruments and bows. Contact us today to come hand select the instrument or bow of your choosing!


Piano Restringing

Changing of piano strings is a service that needs to be preformed after so many years of playing. While it can be a costly repair depending on the style of piano it is definitely a more cost effective route then buying a new piano. In the pictures below you can see how involved and tedious it can be to go through and replace all of the strings on a piano.

There are a few things to consider when replacing strings on your piano. If the piano is a family heirloom you have to decide if you would like to keep the piano in top shape even if the new string cost out weighs the actual value of the piano. If the piano is an expensive piano, then it makes sense to move forward and replace the strings to bring the piano back to life.

An option that might be more cost effective is to decide if the piano needs both treble and bass strings. You can always do one or the other. Replacing strings on a piano can bring a dull sounding piano back to life quite easily and make playing more enjoyable again. We are happy to custom tailor an estimate depending on the various needs of our clients. Contact us today to get an estimate for restringing your piano.