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Testimonials of Fegley Instrument and Bows

“I’ve been studying violin for 10 years and my McDevitt violin is my first professional instrument. It has helped me to really truly express myself in my music because the quality of this instrument allows me to hear and feel things in my playing that I was not able to hear and feel before. I love my violin and with Joe’s help I feel confident that I have someone I can work with as I further my music studies and my career. Thank you, Joe.”

Sophia DeLong-Violinist



“Joseph McDevitt’s Guadagnini model viola is a great instrument for modern day musicians. It is very even across the strings, clear and articulate in fast passages, a very playable size and yet still maintains a warm beautiful non-metallic tone. This combined with a price point that is in correspondence with the reality of being a professional musician in today’s world, makes his instruments an awesome opportunity to be competitive in music while also being fiscally responsible. Try one, you won’t regret it!”

Alexis Sykes-Violist/Violinist



“Joe is a world-class luthier. His instruments are full-bodied, focused, clear, loud, and very responsive. They are easy to play, project, and have a warm beautiful tone. I fell in love with his instruments the moment I tried them. They suit me so perfectly that I feel like I can play anything on them and literally can’t put them down. Not only is he a master of his craft dedicating himself to the highest of standards, but he is also an honest and lovely person.”

Jen Herman, Violist/Violinist/Teaching Artist



“Joe is a master violin maker, that is dedicated to the craft as much as he is to his clients. I had the chance to spend time with him both while he was in school and after when he helped me with several restoration projects, it was his presence in the shop that made these time consuming projects possible. I am looking forward to seeing his new instruments, as I believe will be some of the best contemporary instruments that are out there. If you are looking for a modern instrument or maintenance work on your vintage instrument I can wholeheartedly recommend his shop.”

-Marco Coppiardi



“Joe McDevitt is a young master! His cellos are finely crafted and have a rich sweet tone. They are even, clear, responsive, and easily handle an array of dynamics. Any cellist, professional or student, would find playing his cellos extremely rewarding and an excellent muse for creating beautiful music.”

-Christina Stripling – Cellist



“Joe’s adjustments bring the best qualities out of my violin, and his instruments boast the power and tone quality that you find in far more expensive offerings.”

-Todd F. Sullivan



“What is there to say about Joseph! As he attended one of my Advanced Violin Repair Courses it was obvious to me that Joe was well trained… quick study… and a very clever smart young man. With this I encouraged him to return to my restoration class the following year, which he did! I contacted thereafter his former teacher, Mr. Roman Barnas, at North Bennet Street Violin Making School and congratulated him on a “student-well-taught”!

Keep up the good work!”

– Hans J. Nebel



“I consider Joe McDevitt to be one of the best luthiers I know. His instruments have the power as well as offering a spectrum of tonal colors capable of satisfying the most discriminating players. He’s a real Berks County gem!”

-Christopher Collins Lee



“Joseph McDevitt has an innate ability to match an instrument to a musicians personality. I felt a bond to my new violin the first time I played it. It is a rare opportunity to own a violin crafted by the talent of such a gifted and promising luthier. It has incredible sound and resonant tones, a pleasure to play. I am honored to be a part of the beginning of it’s life story.”

-Ellen Brown (owner of a JPM violin)



“After playing Mr. McDevitt’s violin for a couple of minutes I just knew: This was the violin I was always meant to play.”

-Keely Houk



“Joe and I have worked together for over 8 years. Each day I see more and more people discovering that here’s someone who knows and loves his work. He is exact and thorough and it seems like he was born to make and repair stringed instruments. I consider myself and Fegley’s to be very fortunate to have Joe as my colleague and true friend.”

-Margie Fegley
(Co-founder of Fegley Violin)



“Joseph McDevitt carries on established traditions with a personal and professional style all his own. My violin never sounded better. In a time of big corporate takeovers, it’s nice to see a hometown guy carry on a local business.”

– Susan McDevitt



“I tried several violins but I kept going back to the one Joe Mcdevitt made. The sound was just so beautiful and the wood had a beautiful grain and color. No other violin had made me want to play like this violin did. I am so proud every time I take it out of my case. I love for people to ask me about it. It’s beautiful.”

-Julianna Foxx. Age 13



Dear Joe,
“Just a short note to let you know how much I am enjoying playing my lovely viola that you made. It is such a pleasure to listen to with the big warm sound and yet is so sweet across all the strings whether playing high or low. It resonates with other sounds around it and is so nicely tuned that playing it lies easily under the fingers even though my violin hands are so accustomed to those intervals after all the years of playing.”

-Margaret – Bloomsburg



“I’ve played on Joseph’s second violin for over four years, and its tone improves every time I pick it up. It has a nice, bright sound that catches the ear and is a pleasure to listen to. The light coloring and polished look adds to its class. I’ve really enjoyed playing on this violin throughout all my musical activities!”

-Rachel Stahl – Violin #2