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Guarneri Viola Build

The construction of the rib structure in viola making involves the preparation of blocks in the mold, willow or spruce is the likely selection of material. And the bending of thin strips of wood, maple, to form the outline of the instrument's body. This process...

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Quality Rental Instruments

Why you should choose to work with a local music store for your high-end violin, viola or cello rental program over a big-box store offers a unique and personal experience. Local music stores are often embedded in the heart of their communities, with a history...

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Andrzej Swietlinski Violin

Andrzej Swietlinski was born into the violin-making town of Nowy Targ, Poland. Andrzej apprenticed with master violinmaker Jan Bobak. He later started a workshop with notable violinmakers Andrzej Glodek and Jan Szlachtowski. Swietlinki focuses his making on violins and violas. His instruments are perfect for...

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Adult and Student Violin Rentals

Picking the right instrument and bow rental program is crucial. When it comes to String instrument rentals a poorly set up instrument can make playing very difficult if not almost impossible. Every rental instrument at Fegley Instruments & Bows is carefully set up and properly...

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