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Philadelphia Violin Shop

At Fegley’s Philadelphia violin shop, we understand the importance of finding the instrument or bow that’s perfect for you. We offer new instruments and bows, vintage instruments and bows, and new instruments and bows handmade by master luthier, Joseph P. McDevitt. We are committed to helping you find your next great violin, viola or cello.

Founded by the late James E. Fegley and his wife, Margie, Fegley’s has been home to the stringed instrument business for nearly four decades. Today, Joe continues the Fegley’s tradition by hand making, restoring, and selling the finest stringed instruments and bows. He attended the North Bennet Street School in Boston, where he completed the elite three year Violin Making and Restoration program with Roman Barnas, and has worked closely with Marco Coppiardi, a master violin maker from Cremona, Italy, to perfect his craft, science and art.


Although violins have varied in size, genre and time period, they have remained nearly unchanged for over 300 years. Even fine violins crafted today are based on the same characteristics as those crafted by the Old Masters in the 16th century. It takes over 100 pieces of wood along with hide glue, varnish, strings and a horse-hair bow coated with rosin to create a fine instrument that emits beautiful music. Joe considers each of his instruments as a unique work of art and is one of the best resources for fine violins and other stringed instruments in Reading, Allentown, New York and beyond.

Fegley Instruments & Bows has instruments for the student, the amateur, and the most avid professional. They range from inexpensive student models, to fine instruments made by masters of the last several hundred years, to violins crafted by Joe, himself, and other contemporary masters.


Violin Shop in Philadelphia


But buying a fine violin is not like buying a car. You don’t simply use it until it wears out and then get a new one. Fine stringed instruments are designed to last hundreds of years so, in a sense, you are just the caretaker of the instrument for as long as it belongs to you. Inevitably, you will need repairs to make sure your violin is healthy and sounding its best. Establishing a good long-term relationship with a violin shop that has been in business for many years, such as Fegley’s, is an important part of owning an instrument.

We have the ability to individually tailor a violin to meet your tonal preferences. And, as a result of Joe’s exceptional attention to detail, you will appreciate not only the quality of each instrument’s sound but its beauty as well. He is committed to openly sharing his craft, teaching young musicians the art of violin making and instrument maintenance, and prides himself on the care and attention he gives each player and instrument.

If you are looking for a new instrument, a precise copy of an old instrument, a valuable antique, or repair or renovation of a cherished instrument, Fegley Instruments & Bows’ Philadelphia violin shop offers handmade violins, violas, cellos and bows, restores string instruments, and performs violin setup and soundpost adjustment. Whether you are a budding musician or a concert violinist, we can assist you with an instrument that has the playability, projection, response and quality of sound that will help you create beautiful music.