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Piano Restringing

Changing of piano strings is a service that needs to be preformed after so many years of playing. While it can be a costly repair depending on the style of piano it is definitely a more cost effective route then buying a new piano. In the pictures below you can see how involved and tedious it can be to go through and replace all of the strings on a piano.

There are a few things to consider when replacing strings on your piano. If the piano is a family heirloom you have to decide if you would like to keep the piano in top shape even if the new string cost out weighs the actual value of the piano. If the piano is an expensive piano, then it makes sense to move forward and replace the strings to bring the piano back to life.

An option that might be more cost effective is to decide if the piano needs both treble and bass strings. You can always do one or the other. Replacing strings on a piano can bring a dull sounding piano back to life quite easily and make playing more enjoyable again. We are happy to custom tailor an estimate depending on the various needs of our clients. Contact us today to get an estimate for restringing your piano.