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“After playing Mr. McDevitt’s violin for a couple of minutes I just knew: This was the violin I was always meant to play.”

– Keely Houk


Joe was traditionally trained to make instruments just as the old masters were taught over 4 centuries ago. He hand-makes violins, violas and cellos of all different makes and sizes. Whether it is a brand new instrument or a 400-year-old copy, Joe works very closely with clients to provide a unique partnership set to last a lifetime.

Handcrafted with Care

The term “handmade” is definitely overused in the violin making world today, but there is no better term that goes hand in hand with what a Luthier truly is. Staying true to tradition our instruments are built with the finest material and take a few months to complete one instrument.

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Finished with Quality

Whether we are working on a student or professional level instrument or bow we like to handle every instrument with a delicate hand. Using the sharpest of tools we believe refinement is the only way to approach completing a repair or build properly. Sometimes you have to “slow down to go fast.”

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