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A violin is a violin, right?

Violin making and restoration is an art form that has been around for centuries. It is a craft that requires great skill and knowledge, and it takes a true luthier to make a great instrument. The term “luthier” is one of the most overused words when it comes to the instrument world. There is a big difference between a violin shop and a music store.

Today, the modern world of violin making and restoration involves more than just woodworking. It also involves understanding the physics of sound production, selecting the right materials for each instrument, and being able to identify the subtle nuances that make a great violin depending on the materials being used.

For those looking to purchase or restore an old violin or bow, it is important to understand what makes a great instrument. This includes factors such as its construction, sound quality, playability, aesthetics and how the instrument or bow was cared for over time. With this knowledge in hand, any aspiring musician can choose the right instrument for their needs.