400 W. 37th St. Reading, PA 19606 | BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

“Joe’s adjustments bring the best qualities out of my violin, and his instruments boast the power and tone quality that you find in far more expensive offerings.”

– Todd F. Sullivan

Violin Rental Program

We offer a simple month-to-month rental system that doesn’t lock you into a 6-month contract, which allows our clients to borrow a fine instrument when they may need solo quality for performances or short term leases.

Our instruments are made of slightly higher quality, avoiding the typical “ebay” type instruments that are often not beneficial for young players to learn with. The player can rent an instrument or bow for a month to practice and get use to the instrument before their big performance. Fegley’s will help you perform at your best!

We offer a superior quality of rental instruments with proper setup. Whether you are new to stringed instruments and are just starting out or are looking for an upgrade rental for orchestra, we provide the following two levels of rental programs: Standard or Elite.

Our violin, viola, cello and bow rentals and leases are available in all sizes and come equipped with a bow, case and cleaning cloth. We offer an option to trade up to a larger instrument at any time, with no added fees and without losing your rental credit.

We offer maintenance and insurance programs that allow standard service to be performed in order to keep your rental instrument in the best playing condition with no added cost at the time of the repair or adjustment. Our basic maintenance and insurance programs start at $5 per month and will be added to the monthly rental fee.

Our rental program also allows 100% of your first years rent to be credited towards a purchase of a higher quality instrument if you choose to do so.

Why Rent from Fegleys?

There are many benefits to working with Fegley’s for your instrument rental:

Fegley’s is a local, owner-operated small business which puts you in direct contact with the owner and luthier, Joseph McDevitt, who will also be the person maintaining your instrument.

Fegley’s works solely on string instruments and bows, loyally serving the string community for over 40+ years, offering a wide selection of instruments for all levels of musicians and budgets.

Joseph is a certified Violin Maker and Restorer with significant experience and industry knowledge. He has been custom building and restoring instruments for over 12 years.