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Over 40 Years in the Instrument Business

About Fegley Violin Shop in Reading, PA


With over 35 years serving the stringed instrument community, Fegley’s offers a wide range of services to meet every customers needs.

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Restoration of String Instruments


All instruments are carefully restored and repaired, ensuring that they are brought back to their finest condition as left by the original maker.

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Violin Making & Luthier Services


Joe’s hand-made violins, violas and cellos are built to meet every player’s unique personality and preference, holding true to the ways of old masters.

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Testimonials for Fegley Instruments & Bows


Read a collection of testimonials from some of Fegley’s most valued friends and customers over the past couple of years.

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“Joe’s adjustments bring the best qualities out of my violin, and his instruments boast the power and tone quality that you find in far more expensive offerings.”

-Todd F. Sullivan

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