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“Joe is a world-class luthier. His instruments are full-bodied, focused, clear, loud, and very responsive. They are easy to play, project, and have a warm beautiful tone. I fell in love with his instruments the moment I tried them.”

– Jen Herman, Violist/Violinist/Teaching Artist

Instrument Set-Up

At Fegley’s our careful set-up allows all instruments that pass through the shop to perform at their best tonal quality. Our standard of fitting new sound posts and bridges allow our clients’ instruments to respond at their top playing capability. Whether it is a $250 fiddle or a million dollar violin, we take the same precautions to ensure that the instrument will sound better with every time that it leaves the shop and continues to grow with its current owner.

We work closely with all of our customers with bridge-setup and sound post setup on violins, violas and cellos, to ensure they are getting exactly what they want to hear out of their instrument. This is a business where the player gets use to the instrument, but also the instrument gets use to the player. We do the proper set-up allowing for this partnership to mature as time moves on.

Some people think that only the bridge and sound post can affect the sound of their instrument but also examining the fingerboard height, the surface of the fingerboard and also the position of the current bass bar are crucial steps when set-up work comes through the shop doors.

There are many factors that play into the performance of your instrument. Fegley’s is here to allow customers of all skill levels to get what they deserve out of their instrument. Our reasonable small city pricing with big city violin making and restoration skills makes us the first visit when your instrument needs a look!

Many musicians often give up on their instruments and feel that they need to go out and buy a new instrument. We like to see our client’s violins at least twice per year to stay on top of regular maintenance. Often a quick half hour visit can greatly improve the mood of your instrument throughout the seasons.

It is important to keep on top of the bridge and sound post, only a slight shift and the instrument can quickly lose most of the qualities that the player is use to. Make an appointment today to whip your instrument into shape!