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Guarneri Viola Build

The construction of the rib structure in viola making involves the preparation of blocks in the mold, willow or spruce is the likely selection of material. And the bending of thin strips of wood, maple, to form the outline of the instrument's body. This process...

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Quality Rental Instruments

Why you should choose to work with a local music store for your high-end violin, viola or cello rental program over a big-box store offers a unique and personal experience. Local music stores are often embedded in the heart of their communities, with a history...

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Stradivari Cello

My latest custom cello build is a commissioned cello for a young player. We are building a Stradivarius cello, providing him with a powerful, even tone to carry him throughout his music career. Stradivarius cellos are a great build, they are not only beautiful but...

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Charles Collin-Mezin fils

Collin-Mezin was the son of Charles J.B. Collin dit Mezin pere. His father was originally from Mirecourt but established himself in Paris and trained his son Collin-Mezin took over the family workshop after his father’s death in 1923. Charles J.B. Collin was one of the leading...

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Petko Stoinov Violin

A fine modern violin by Petko Zlatev Stoinov, this violin was made in 2002. Stoinov started his work as a luthier in 1993 in the town of Kazaniak, Bulgaria. He is a member of The Violin Society of America and makes fine musical stringed instruments. ...

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Steinway & Sons Model S

Another year flies by and now we find that it is already 2016. I admit that while I love the holiday seasons I always look forward to getting back to “normal life”. Starting new adventures and getting back to work (where I belong). This is...

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