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Hermann Bachle Cello- SOLD

A fine cello, handmade by Hermann Bachle, also spelled Baechle. Although it is almost 40 years old, this cello is in near mint condition. It was purchased in 1977 at the Meisel Violin shop in Owatonna, Minnesota and was rarely used by its owner who was an instrument collector. The cello is modeled from Guarnerius Del Gesu. The back is two-piece European maple with medium curls and is a very clean, beautiful back. The top is European spruce and has a very straight grain with quite a few bear claw markings. The scroll is beautifully carved in the Guarnerius tradition matching in material and structure on the back. The instrument is stamped with the makers mark on both the inside and back of the instrument near the button. With all that said, it is overall a very fine cello, especially considering its age. I have in my possession the original sales slip and appraisal dating back to November 19th, 1977. Bachle has won many awards for his sound and craftsmanship.
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