String Instrument Sales and Payment Plans

Fegley’s has a wide variety of instruments for sale starting around $400 extending up into the $10-$15,000 range, offering instruments that fit all needs. Occasionally we will have a very valuable old instrument passed through our shop on consignment. Joe doesn’t believe in buying instruments from dealers and getting 10 of the same violin in a crate.

We buy private as much as possible to add to our collection of over a few hundred instruments. It allows us to provide our customers with a unique variety of instruments to allow the customer to try rather than going the cookie cutter route where every instrument looks and sounds the same!


Violin, Cellos and Other String Instruments For Sale


We understand the importance of finding the right instrument or bow that it’s right for the customer and meets their every need. Therefore, we strive to work with the customer to find a payment plan that meets every budget. We focus on quality over quantity here at Fegleys and will be there side by side with you as you grow as a musician.

We offer 100% trade-in value on our instruments sold as long as the instrument or bow has had the proper maintenance preformed at Fegleys. We also offer fair trade values on instruments that were not purchased at Fegleys. We would love the opportunity to meet with you and appraise your instrument to see what you would get towards a Fegley instrument, stop in today!

Fegley’s offers a unique rental program. Our instruments are made of slightly higher quality, avoiding the typical “ebay” type instruments that are often not beneficial for young players to learn with. We offer a simple month-to-month rental system that doesn’t lock you into a 6-month contract, which allows our clients to borrow a fine instrument when they may need solo quality for performances. The player can rent it for a month to practice and get use to the instrument before their big performance. Fegley’s will help you perform at your best!

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