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Stradivari Cello Copy

Cello-Varnish In 2012, a young cellist who was going off to music school approached me about making a custom cello just for him. He had his heart set on one of my handmade instruments after playing on a Stradivari cello I had previously built. What I like most about making an instrument for a specific person is I can translate much of their personality into their custom instrument. We decided on another Stradivari model cello for him. Although a Stradivari cello can be quite stubborn during the break-in period, the more you use the instrument, the more it gives back. It boasts a very strong sound allowing the sound to carry well into the back of the concert hall. I am lucky to be able to watch him and my cello grow together throughout his career as a Cellist and wish them the best of luck along their journey together! See below a short quote from him only a few short months playing on it…
Cellist“Well the cello has really become something quite fantastic! It has developed an incredibly lush sound that can be shaped to reflect a wide variety of emotions. It can project just as much or more than any other cello I’ve come across. It also sounds really great playing softer phrases, and when muted can be utterly heart breaking (in the really good cello sense of the phrase).”

“It is also very physically beautiful. When I walk on stage for a recital, the first thing people notice is how the cello looks. It is great because they see the cello and expect something beautiful even before I play a single note!”

“Thanks again for this fantastic instrument!”

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